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    CFIA Adding Additional Establishment Information into My CFIA

    December 19, 2019 – The Canadian Food Inspection agency (CFIA) is advising industry that after obtaining a Safe Food for Canadians (SFC) licence, all food businesses that conduct domestic activities should add their operational activities, as well as information about how risk is controlled at their establishment, into their My CFIA account. Adding establishment information will be used by the CFIA to assess the food safety risk that establishments pose to consumers.

    Why is it important for businesses to add additional establishment information into their My CFIA accounts
    Data collected will be used to help drive the Establishment-based Risk Assessment (ERA) model to assign your establishment a risk level and allow the Agency to determine the appropriate level of inspection oversight activities related to your establishment. Providing this information helps determine the frequency and intensity of future inspections.

    How to add the additional establishment information
    The Profile Manager can enter additional establishment information at any time by locating the link on their My CFIA profile dashboard. It is recommended that the quality assurance or food safety personnel of the establishment be consulted.

    Before adding your additional establishment information, make sure to read our Additional Establishment Information checklist to find out the information you will need to include and steps on how to add the information in your My CFIA profile.

    You will also be prompted to provide the additional establishment information after your SFC licence is granted and when you amend or renew your licence.

    Fish and Seafood sector
    CFIA is currently requesting companies in the fish and seafood sector to complete the additional establishment information form if they hold a license to conduct domestic activities. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is currently in the process of collecting data from the fish and seafood sector to inform the Establishment-based Risk Assessment (ERA) model. Using the information provided for each establishment’s activities, products and risk mitigation factors, the model will calculate food safety risks of food establishments and help determine the inspection frequency for this sector. Licence holders who conduct domestic activities are requested to complete the additional establishment information form if they have not already done so

    When completing your licencing information, please provide your previous fish registration number (under FIR) for each establishment to facilitate the creation of your risk profile. This can be entered in the [Add Existing Facility Registration Number] field and indicate the commodity (e.g. fish xxx). Also, identify the list of sub-products applicable to your establishment and volume calculation.

    Applying for Safe Food for Canadians (SFC) licence
    When you apply for your SFC licence, verify the licencing information you provide accurately reflects your activities and commodities as it will impact the questions triggered on the additional establishment information form.

    Additional Information and resources

    If you have any questions or comments, contact CFIA by email.

    Email: cfia.eramodel-modeleere.acia@canada.ca